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Indian Sweets Recipes

Sweets and Gifts are the essential part any celebration. People like to eat sweets on different festivals and occasions. Most popular Indian sweets are Bengali sweets and south Indian sweets Mysweetsguide offers different kinds of Indian sweets recipes online. It shows dishes recipies with their making process in details.

Following are Important Indian Sweets Recipies

These are the important Indian recipies which are widely used during celebrations.
1) Gulab Jamun
2) Rawa Ladoo
3) Coconut Burfee
4) Besan Ladoo
5) Peda
6) Gajar ka Halwa
7) Rasmalai

Gulab Jamun: Gulab Jamun is a well-liked Indian sweet. Gulab Jamun is mainly eaten as dessert and widely used on festival occasions such as Diwali. Gulab Jamun’s are also the integral part of sweets during marriage celebration. This is the method to make gulab jamun recipe. Gulab jamun is made with the following ingredients khoya, sugar, cardamom, water, cornflour, rose essence, Saffron and soda. First bring 2-1/2 cup water and then add 1 tablespoon rose water and 500 gms sugar to boil. After this, add 1pinch saffron in it. Remove it from the fire and keep it aside. Then mash the khoya in hand and pass it through a fine sieve. After this, make powder of the cardamom and add to it along with the cornflour. Then mix cooking soda in little water and adds to the mixture above. Mix all the ingredients above but don't press too much. Then make small balls from the mixer and heat them over a low flame. Keep over sieve for excess oil to drain off. When you put the gulab jamun in sugar syrup, it must be quite warm.

Rawa Ladoo. This Indian dessert is extremely tasty and most popular in the south India. Rawa ladoo is also called semolina ladoo because it is made from good kind of semolina ingredient. They are very delicious, nutritious and very healthy. Mysweetsguide offer very simple kind of rawa ladoo recipe. The ingredients are used for making a rawa ladoo are 2 cups semolina/rawa/suji, 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1 cup ghee 1 tablespoon broken cashew nut, 1/2 cup milk, 1 tablespoon raisins fried and 1 tablespoon fried cardamom powder. This is the way to make rawa ladoo in the house. First heat 1 tablespoon ghee in a pan and roast the rawa over the low flame till pink. Keep aside it. Crush the fried rawa in a crusher or mixer to make a fine powder and adds 2 cup powdered sugar into the mixture. Put this mixture into a mixer to mix these two. Again heat the remaining ghee with powdered rawa and powdered cardamom, cashew nuts and raisins fried. Heat the mixture thoroughly under a low flame. When the mixture is still warm, make it into a small lemon sized balls or ladoo’s after that store them into cool and dry air containers. Fine and tasty rawa ladoo is ready to eat.

Coconut Burfi: In India, coconut burfi is also called “Nariyal Ki Burfi”. It is well liked south Indian sweet made of fresh and pure coconut. Coconut burfi is very delicious in a taste. It is fat rich Indian sweet dish. It is very easy to make in home. Search very easy kind of coconut burfi recipe at mysweetsguide. The ingredients used in coconut burfi are 2cups grated coconut, 2 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon ghee, 25 gms cashewnuts and 1tablespoon cardamom powder. This is the procedure to make delicious coconut burfi. First take of 1 cup of water and sugar and ghee in it. Heat the mixture in fry pan for fifteen minutes. Then add the grated coconut to the boiling mixture. Keep the mixture on boiling again for twenty minutes. Start mixing well. Then add cashewnuts and cardamom powder to the mixture. Keep the mixture aside and allow it to cool down. Make the equal slices from the mixture. The fresh coconut burfi is ready to serve.

Besan Ladoo: Besan Ladoo is a traditional indian sweet made from the ingredient besan. This indian sweet is very popular in the north region of india. Besan Ladoo is widely served during marriage celebrations. Check the easy besan ladoo recipe online at This is procedure to make besan ladoo. Besan is also called gram flour. These are ingredient used in the recipe of besan ladoo. 4 cups gram flours, 1 cup pure ghee, 2 cups pure ghee, 1 tablespoon powdered cardamom and 1/2 cup chopped Almonds and raisins. First heat the ghee in the frying pan for fifteen minutes. Then add gram flour in it. Heat the mixture under low flame. Stir the mixture continuously well until it turns to brown in colour. When it turns to brown, let it be cool for some time. After this, add powdered cardamom and sugar to the mixture. Mix it well in the mixture. After this, add raisins and chopped almonds to mixture and mix it well. Make a lemon size balls from the mixture. Fresh besan ladoo’s are ready to eat.

Peda: Peda is well liked Indian sweet. Peda is also called as burfi. Peda sweet is made from a milk product named “Khoya”. The ingredients used in the peda recipe are 1/2 kg. Soft white khoya, 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar, ½ tablespoon cardamom powder, 1tablespoon semi crushed cardamom seeds and 1tablespoon slivered or crushed pistachios. This is the procedure to make peda sweets. First grate khoya with non iron steel grater. Then add powdered sugar to it. Mix is mixture well. Put this mixture into big and large pan. Heat the mixture in high flame for few minutes and then keep the flam low till it thick and sticky. Stir the mixture continuously until the mixture is thick. Once the mixture is thick, add cardamom to and mix them well. Turn off the fire, allow the mixture to cool. Add pistachios and cardamom seeds to the mixture. After this, take a help of cookies moulds to shape pedas into round able shape. You can take the help of own hand. Eat the delicious peda sweet.

Gajar ka Halwa: Gajar is a Hindi version of carrot. Gajar ka halwa is very tasty kind of India sweets. It is also called “Gajrela” in India. Gajar ka halwa is well-liked all over the world. Gajar halwa has very delicious taste. The ingredients used in gajar ka halwa recipe are 1kg fresh grated carrots, 2 tins condensed milk, 1 cup full cream milk, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup ghee, 180 gms khoya, 70 gms raisins, 70 gms almonds blanched, 70 gms slivered pistachios. The procedure to make gajar ka halwa is first mix the carrots condensed milk, full cream milk and sugar in a big frying pan. Heat the mixture in a low flame till the milk is get thickens. Then adds ghee and khoya and to the mixture and heat the mixture until the carrots changes to dark orange colour. Then ads dried raisins to mixture, stir it well. After this, add almonds and pistachios to the mixture. Stir and mix the mixture well for few minutes. Turn off the fire and allow the mixture to cool. Gajar ka halwa is ready to serve.

Rasmalai: Rasmalai is an Indian dessert often called as milk sweet. Rasmalai is made from panner, which is known as Indian cottage cheese. Rasmalai is one of the kinds of chilled dessert recipes. Rasmalai is very tasty and delicious. The ingredients are used in rasmalai recipe are 6 cups milk, 3 cups for paneer, 3 cups for malai, ½ cup tablespoon for cardamom powder. 2-1/2 cup sugar, 2 tablespoon pista, 1tablespoon cashew paste, 2 tablespoon almonds and 2 tablespoon lemon juice. This is the procedure to make rasmalai. First of all boil water with 2 cups of sugar and when the water will completely boil add the paneer balls into it. Put all the mixture in pressure cooker and cook it at least seven to eight minutes. When the paneer balls turns to expand to double in size keep them aside. Now boil milk under low flame with sugar to prepare malai. Add 1 tablespoon of cashew paste, saffron and cardamom to the mixture. Boil the mixture for half an hour to reduce the milk to the quantity of 2 cups. Now remove the panner balls from the sugar syrup. Press the panner balls slowly with the hands to remove water from it. When the water is removed from the panner balls, keep them aside. Now when the milk is reduce to 2 cup quantity, add the paneer balls one by one gently in the boiling malai. Paneer balls absorb the milk. Keep them under low heat flame for five minutes. Keep them aside and add pista and almonds to them. Delicious rasmalai is ready to eat.

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